Saturday, June 11, 2011


Our attention was caught by a post from the LUGA CLAN, those in Mindanao (which originated from Davao) in Facebook. Its about two brothers, "Iking" and "Nonoy" Luga. They call him Iking and the other, "Nonoy", Tito to others. The outpouring sympathy speaks of the man. He is the father of Eliza Rica Anderson and uncle to Melanie Luga Johnson our long time connected relatives in the net.

Enrique Villareal Luga is the father Eliza Rica Anderson, our long time connected relative in the net, from Davao City. He is married to Perlita Salgado Luga of Cavite City and have 3 children namely: Enrico "Jing" Luga, Romrico "John" Luga and Elizarica "Rica" Luga Anderson. He died a week and a half ago which is Memorial Day in the United States. He died at the age of 67 years old. Two days following Ike's funeral his younger brother Bernardo "Nonoy" Luga also passed away.

Eliza Rica, told us that, "my Uncle Nonoy has been following my Dad wherever he goes. He even left his family in Davao City to stay with us in Cavite just to drive my Dad around and even became my own driver and a caretaker of our house and children, he followed my Dad until death and I am thankful to him."

Regardless of distance and barriers, the man deserves our admiration. The outpouring sympathy from his relatives in Davao, speaks of the Man himself. In behalf of the Alimokon Cyber Advocacy: we sympathize with the Family. We know that he is now in peace with our Creator and his journey into this earth is worth the travel. Birth makes us mortal: Death immortalizes us. Let his name be immortalize for his name and his deed to be remembered in the hearts and minds of those after him. We salute our relative for his worthwhile journey and thank God for the experience of having him, who makes a difference to others. May his soul rest in peace.
(Eliza Rica with Family)

(Melanie with Children)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adrian Aclan and Grace Bartolome

Family bonding has been one of the advocacy we have been supporting all these years. We cannot make it to the wedding of the nephew of our long lost friend who reappeared in Facebook. Sister Ana Yape has been our friend way back in our days at the Board of Personnel Inquiry in the Department of Agriculture. Who are we to say no to share our talent to these couple who is about to start their family life, even just for their Pre-Nuptial documentary. To Adrian and Grace, WELCOME TO ALIMOKON CYBER ADVOCACY. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES. Sorry, we can't make it on your wedding day.