Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Never have we imagined that it was almost two years ago on May 30, 2008 that we meet at Col. Mateo Luga's home in Fairview to talk about the Homecoming of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, in his place of birth in Tumauini, Isabela. Never have we encountered in our history books the life and times of a Great Leader, a hero at that, who lives by the principles of love, family, honor, country, and glory who lived a life of a leader, fighting his own war with men foreign to his culture to fight an honorable warfare against the navy of the greatest nation in this planet, the Naval Forces of the United States of America, in Cebu. He fought an honorable warfare despite rescuing his love ones made as hostage to weaken his resolve. His heroism was written by his fierciest enemy the Americans, out of respect and admiration because of his high degree of honor and candor to his enemies despite superiority in force and application of strategies uncommon to honorable warfare. He deserves our admiration and respect.

In honor of this Great Warrior, your attendance to this event as a gesture of honoring his legacy to live beyond generations shall be given life by experiencing and seeing for ourselves where this Great Leader started his own war in Tumauini, Isabela. Please contact Eng. Tony Luga of Malappo Nga Ibanag Cooperative at Mobile: 09159350421. Your advance reservations, pledges or sponsorship to this event shall surely help the organizers of this event. We shall firm up everything on the ground to firm-up everything.

This is for all of you:

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