Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ate Mila Opseth of TUMAUINI.COM went home last April to visit her Mother in Isabela. She is now back in United States where she has been residing with her family. She should have visited Fr. Angel Luga, who was the Parish Priest at Tumauini during her younger years, but did not make it due to her hectic schedule as Fr. Angel is now based in Cauayan. She should have also hired the services of Carlo Luga Borja of the GALI-KOREN for some of her kababayan migrating to U.S. if we have been in touched with each other earlier.

TUMAUINI.COM is the online venue for residents worldwide who once called Tumauini home. They hold regular gatherings in California where the GALI-KOREN LAW OFFICE is also based. If you would like to participate in this association as it is open to all that have connections with Tumauini, please contact Mila Samonte Opseth at msopseth@yahoo.com or [661] 373-5164. You can also contact Ranee Quiambao at ranee_realestate@yahoo.com or [818] 383-9450. A user name and password to access the confidential area of the association’s website will then be provided. Do visit their site (double click here) and see how the Ibanags preserved their culture and tradition as a people eventhough living abroad.

Trisha Luga, who is based in the United Arab Emirates, however, has this to say: "Naku kuya naman hiya tuloy ako..(blushed!!). Buti na lang po hindi ako nagpalit ng family name. Meron sana akong pinagsisisihan sa ngayon. x x x Kala ko nga noon konti lang ang Luga, akala ko po rin noon si Father Angel lang ang kilalang Luga . . . maling akala."

To Trisha, welcome!

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