Friday, May 22, 2009


Carla with her Dad, Al Fontanilla, paid a visit at Caloocan City to rehearse on the songs she is about to sing in the TOLIBAS-MEJIA WEDDING VOW Ikaw, which was originally sung by Sharon Cuneta. The TOLIBAS-MEJIA WEDDING VOW is one of its kind in the sense that the family and friends of the of the Groom can witness the pre-nuptial shooting, the events as it unfolds before, during and after the wedding worldwide!

"Family life starts with a wedding. It is the family, which is the basic institution of our society, our country, and the world per se - it is the very institution that serves as the foundation towards the future of our children and of this nation - and it starts in a wedding ceremony. While others proposes by placing an Ads in billboards, announcing in public places and by other mode, Mendel and Jo-Ann displayed their love and affection before the whole world, by producing a film, uploaded in You Tube coupled with a blogsite - a truly Filipino tradition (in the modern setting) of reminiscing bonds between families who shall stood behind and shall support these couple, to lay another foundation for our breed to propagate and move on towards a better future . . ."

Who would ever imagine that the powerful voice you are hearing from Mendel and Jo-Ann's site comes from this 11-year old lady of about four feet in height. Carla is dedicating this song to Mendel and Jo-Ann, here with is "Ikaw" of Sharon Cuneta, interpreted by Carla LIVE!

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