Sunday, June 21, 2009


GEN. MATEO NORIEL LUGA was honored by the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

While we honor our dead, we salute the living who continues the struggle to realize the vision of our past and present day heroes.
Press Secretary Cerg Remonde, a fellow Cebuano of General Emilio S. Luga, Jr., have this to say:

"Chairman Saludo has solid plans and strategies to realize his vision. His plans and strategies include the completion of the third phase of the salary standardization law, narrowing the gap between the salaries of government workers and those in the private sector, strengthening meritocracy in government and intelligently applying media and information and communications technologies to promote responsiveness, efficiency and integrity in government.

"While he has set grand aspirations for himself and the civil service, Chairman Saludo keeps his feet firmly on the ground. He knows that by himself, he can only do so much.

"Chairman Saludo acknowledges that alone, he cannot make all the changes in the age-old ways, structures, policies and practices in the Philippine civil service.

"This outlook is buoyed by his steadfast belief that there are many more like him in the over a million-person strong civil service, and the millions more outside the formal government structure, who share his vision and aspirations, and that given the opportunity, these like-minded individuals would move as one to make the vision of a MERCI-ful civil service a reality."

CSC Chairman Saludo is also one who stands on critical issues advocating for the protection of human rights, freedom of expression, equal access to public service and respect to human rights, a trait of our forefathers who wages honorable warfare, when he addressed the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

In a less than a year in Office, the Salary Standardization Law III was passed into law and ready for implementation for all government workers to benefit this July.

Continuity of the government’s orderly function, regardless of politics is safe with Honorable CSC Chairman Ricardo L. Saludo at the helm of the Commission for the government to move forward as one, insulated from politics. The Honorable Chairman Saludo already proven his sincerity in a short span of his stay in office. He deserves the confirmation of the Commission on Appointment, were Senator Ping Lacson, also a PMAr is a member.

Meanwhile, Gen. Victor Luga shall be the guest speaker on the 75th Death Anniversary of Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga on 2010 at Tumauini, Isabela:

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